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Modern Applications need that bit of extra

Analytics Driven Real-time Applications

Application expectations have changed. Your customers now expect your app to perform fast, have a real-time experience and the best of look and feel. We pride ourselves in all the above. Not only that, we incorporate Analytics to each of our solution, which gives insight as to how your application is performing. Smart application for the smart you 

Microservices for Web Scale

In the Cloud Computing world, Microservices have become a key design pattern. Microservices not only allows your application to scale almost infinitely, it also encourages the usage of appropriate technology for individual use case. Having said that, Microservices is difficult to implement and manage (unless you are a Google or Netflix).

Our seasoned Architects help you and your organization to leverage and adopt a Microservices based architecture. We do the grunt so that you can focus better on your business

Mobile Web, PWA, Native App

More than 70% of your customers would access your applications via Mobile. 90% of them would never want to install an app. We take the middle ground. Progressive Web Application (PWA) with a Mobile first approach gives the best of both worlds. Leverage Mobile App capability and not force the user to install app. Our team has always been at the forefront in adopting mobile technology. When it comes to Mobile Development, you can count on us. We just don't develop apps; we become your strategic partner in your mobile landscape

We use Technology of Future

Shelf life of legacy technology is coming down. And for a good reason. With newer requirements, massive online community, technology of the past rarely match today's business needs. One of our forte is to be on the alert and adopt a technology if we see a business impact. Whether it's latest UI frameworks or a new Microservices pattern, we are always ready and eager. Our team consists of highly inquisitive professionals who are encouraged to adopt and apply new technology on a continuous basis

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