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Rapidly turn around your next application

The cliche "I want my application developed yesterday" is truer than ever before. The break-neck speed is becoming a mandate to stay competitive. We have heavily invested into building productivity enhanching tools and frameworks to make it easy for you.

UI has taken the driver's seat in application development. With the advent of Single Page Applications (SPA), UI architecture has become a key success factor. Our UI framework has been developed to incorporate all the best practices and enables re-usability. After all, we have been one of the earliest adopters of SPA.

Whether your UI technology stack is Angular, React or Vue, our framework is tweaked to work optimally with the same. With a mobile first approach and leveraging CSS frameworks like CSS-Grid and Flex, you can be assured of your application working on all size of screens seamlessly. We also re-use some components in the Mobile App so that your development is that much faster. 

UI and Mobile Framework

Back-end development has been revolutionized with Microservices. Our application development framework enables you to leverage Monolithic and Microservices equally well. With an array of back-end services available our framework provides a plug n play approach of leveraging the right technology for the right solution.

Oh! Did we mention that we are Cloud Agnostic as well? Whether it is AWS or Azure or GCP; our architecture gels well with all. So whatever be your platform of choice you can be assured of a great back-end!!

Application Development Framework

We have been doing BI and Analytics for a decade. Our reporting and analytics platform Vizzionnaire addresses most of your business needs. With a drag-drop capability and plugging to any database, our solution should address your company's business needs quickly.

And did we mention that we are cost-effective? Contact us for details

Reporting and analytics Framework
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