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By 2025, 95% of smart enterprise will be leveraging the power of AI/ML
Are you ready?


Build Smart Applications powering your Organization


Be it Web portal or Mobile App, plug your solution with cutting edge analytics solution to better engage your customers and improve revenue

Did we mention our penchant for the latest technology trends?


Sounds too good to be true? Engage with us for a small prototype. You will invariably come back, as have 95% of our customers

Your customers can't wait and you shouldn't too. Months have become days. At BI Professionals, we heavily leverage the power of modern tools and frameworks to turn around things in days

Rapidly turn-around your next app

Our Customers

About Us

Our team, our asset

Everyday is an adventure at BI Professionals. Our team prides itself in innovating on a daily basis. Led by industry veterans who pride themselves in nurturing a young team, we are as vibrant as it gets.

Board of Advisor


Dr. Prasant Mohapatra

Vice Chancellor for Research at University of California

Dr. Prasant Mohapatra holds the position of Vice Chancellor for Research at University of California, Davis...

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