Success Stories: How Companies Achieved ROI with Oracle Implementation

January 17, 2024

Success Story 1: GS1 Integration

Client – A major retail giant in Europe.

Problem – GS1 maintained item information, necessitating real-time updates. The challenge was efficiently capturing item attribute changes through API calls and updating Oracle Fusion.

Solution – Automated item subscription and attribute change capture through a tailored integration. This included seamless automation of item creation and updates in Oracle Fusion Product Hub.

Success Story 2: Revolutionizing File-Based Integration with Integration Gateway

Client: A Manufacturing Powerhouse in Europe/USA

Challenge: Establishing a centralized hub for tracking, archiving, and managing inbound and outbound files processed through integrations was a critical need for our manufacturing giant.

Solution: Leveraging Oracle, we crafted a robust file repository on a Unix server. This innovative solution featured dedicated sections for inbox, outbox, and archives, enhancing file organization. To optimize storage, archived files were compressed, and a purge mechanism for old archives was implemented. The system also provided segregation by integration name and empowered users to effortlessly search for specific data within files. This transformative Integration Gateway ensured efficient file-based integration management, delivering a remarkable ROI.

Success Story 3: Kits and Consignments custom module development.

Client: A medical-devices giant in Europe.

Challenge: Grouping individual items into kits with various components, including consumables and returnable items, required a comprehensive solution.

Solution: Developed a custom module automating SCM functionalities, addressing the creation, shipping, receiving, and replenishing aspects of kits and consignments.

Success Story 4: DHL 3PL integration

Client: A major retail giant in Europe.

Challenge: Outsourcing inventory to DHL required seamless integration with DHL’s APIs for shipping, receiving, and on-hand quantity updates.

Solution: The solution involves automating in Purchasing, Order Management and Inventory. Once any order is booked, we need to send a Ship message to DHL. And when DHL sends us back a ship confirmation message, we need to update the same in Oracle and proceed with invoice creation. Similarly, we need to handle purchase orders. Also we need to Synch the inventory on-hand quantities with DHL.

Success Story 5: Centralized Logistics custom module development.

Client: A manufacturing giant in Europe.

Challenge: The feature involved reducing the logistics costs by grouping the shipments originated from different countries within Europe. A centralized shipping location was created, this will receive materials from different countries within Europe. Then it will regroup the items based on the destination country and then forward to the destination country. In this process, it will reduce the logistics cost.

Solution: A new custom module was developed to handle the centralized Logistics functionality. This involved automating certain features in entire SCM modules.

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